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For the last 14 years we have been serving Acadiana and the surrounding areas with fine, custom woodwork with CL Specialities. CL Specialties prides itself on its impeccable reputation, outstanding quality and integrity, in providing our customers with top of the line wood products and customer experience. It has always been a dream of ours to add home building to the services that CL Specialties’ currently offers. We are excited to bring you along on our journey of building custom homes for everyone while continuing to grow. 

Custom Homes in Lafayette, La

Why Is Specialty Homes The Perfect Home Builder For Your Next Home?


While other companies are only willing to produce their spread sheet on costs,
we provide invoices and/or receipts for every cost involved in the construction of your project.

Custom Only:

A lot of other builders will build spec homes that have timelines that conflict
with your homes progress. That’s not the case with Specialty Homes of Acadiana. The construction of your home will receive the focused energy it deserves from well qualified tradesmen.

Bid Process:

You will receive an accurate bid that reflects the embellishments that you wish to adorn your home with, not a watered down bid just to get our foot in the door. That will only cause disruptions in the process at later dates and also cause trust issues to form. There will also be added wiggle room up front so that if changes do arise, like a more expensive appliance selection, there is still room in the budget.

Engineering Mindset:

We approach every situation involving the bones of your home with a unique
approach to enhance the longevity of the structure and avoid future problems


Lets face it, every builder that has to deal with the codes department has been
disgruntled at some point. In reality, the heads in this department can be used as an asset because they have learned of situations from outside of our area and by keeping them in the “friendzone” we can provide a better product at the end of the day that will exceed their expectations rather than doing the bare minimum to get a passing grade.


While you are not forced to use CL Specialties cabinets and finishing service, if you should choose to do so, you will not pay for the contractor fees associated with that portion. You will also have the ability to purchase engineered hardwood flooring through us just above our cost.

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